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March 20, 2011

Philosophical Themes from C.S. Lewis

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An excerpt from Steven Lovell’s dissertation, “Philosophical Themes from C.S. Lewis.” (pdf)

“The dissertation contains five main chapters, addressing four issues in the philosophy of religion through the writings of C.S. Lewis. Those issues are: the Euthyphro dilemma, the philosophical status of miracles, the Freudian  critique of religious belief, and an argument from Lewis that has been dubbed ‘the argument from desire’. While disagreeing with Lewis in some of the details, the dissertation defends a broadly Lewisian (and therefore broadly Christian) approach to each of these issues. Indeed, these Lewisian positions are defended with refurbished versions of Lewis’ own arguments.  In addition to a summary of some of the philosophical themes and arguments from C.S. Lewis that are not addressed in this dissertation, the work also includes two appendices. Appendix A is a short biography of C.S. Lewis. Appendix B offers a few thoughts on Lewis’ general stance on the relation between faith and reason.”

(H/T: Victor Reppert)


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